Module 1: What is Parkinson's?

How much do you know about Parkinson's? You'll find out all about the condition in this first part of your volunteer induction.

Welcome to Module 1

Parkinson's UK volunteer Dick gives a quick introduction to Module 1 in this short video. 

What you'll learn

You might be affected by Parkinson's yourself and have some knowledge of the condition. Or you might not know much about it yet.

Each person's experience of Parkinson's is different. To help you understand this, and explain it to others, this module aims to:

  • explain that people with Parkinson's don't have enough of a chemical called dopamine because some of the nerve cells in their brain have died

  • list the common symptoms of Parkinson's

  • understand that everyone's experience of Parkinson's is different

  • provide information on where you can point people who want to find out more about living with Parkinson's

What is Parkinson's?

This short video explains what causes Parkinson's. For more insight into the symptoms and how the condition affects someone's everyday life, our YouTube channel has a range of videos.

Where to find out more

  1. The information and support section of our website has more about how Parkinson's affects someone's everyday life, and the treatments and therapies there are to treat it. 
  2. You can point people in the direction of our helpline if you're asked for advice or information about living with Parkinson's. This confidential service provides support to anyone affected by Parkinson's and can be reached on 0808 800 0303. 
  3. Ask your staff contact if you're not sure how to find out an answer to a question you or someone you're helping has about living with Parkinson's. They can suggest where to find out more.