Could gut bacteria provide clues to a new Parkinson's treatment?

Dr Maria Doitsidou is investigating the effect gut bacteria have on the development of Parkinson’s.

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For some time, researchers have been aware of the link between the gut and the development of Parkinson’s.  This could help researchers follow the clues to a new treatment for Parkinson’s. 

The gut is more accessible than the brain, so any protective bacteria could be harnessed through pro-biotic supplements, or harmful bacteria could be targeted through drug therapies.

Dr Doitsidou has already identified two types of bacteria that could be beneficial to people with Parkinson’s and will investigate these further. 

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“My research is only a small part of a very big effort going on around the world. The accumulated knowledge and findings from all this different research helps to give us a more complete picture of what is happening in Parkinson’s. And it brings us closer to our common goal of finding new and better treatments.”
- Dr Maria Doitsidou