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Living with Parkinson's?

Living with Parkinson's?

Collage of people who have Parkinson's

Taking control

Find out more about everyday life with Parkinson's, managing the condition and how we can support you.

You can also hear from other people living with Parkinson's.

Life with Parkinson's

Everyday life with Parkinson's

Everyday life with Parkinson's

Dealing with everyday issues and challenges with Parkinson's - relationships, driving, travel, diet and more

Preparing for the future

Preparing for the future

It's important to know what choices you may want to make in the future to help you have more control of your life.

Our current research

Parkinson's UK researcher in a lab

Find out how our research is tackling vital problems and bringing us closer to a cure for Parkinson's.

Managing Parkinson's


Coral Robb holding a placard saying 'At times I just freeze'

Everyone with Parkinson's experiences a different 'set' of symptoms and how they affect you will change over time.

Treatments and therapies

Eric Holah, who has Parkinson's, with a Parkinson's nurse

As your condition progresses, your treatments and therapies may change to help you control your symptoms.

Self-management groups

Jashuben Patel, who has Parkinson's, holding a placard saying 'It doesn't stop me'

Learn from others through our free self-management programme, 'A path through Parkinson's'.

Who can I talk to?

Call our helpline
0808 800 0303

Find support near you

Parkinson's local advisers

Get one-to-one support and information from our UK-wide team.

Peer Support Service

Talk to a trained volunteer with a similar experience of Parkinson's.

Discussion forum

Use our forum community to share experiences of Parkinson's and talk to others affected.

Local groups

Friendship and support for everyone affected by Parkinson's at one of our 350+ local groups across the UK