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Improving clinical trials

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We're striving for new and better treatments in years rather than decades, but one of the biggest challenges to delivering new treatments is clinical trials.

The goal is to make it easier and faster and more efficient for new treatments to get approved

Arthur Roach, Director of Research

This is the most costly and lengthy part of the whole process and in recent years, several promising new treatments for Parkinson's have failed to show benefit in clinical trials.

We, and many others in the research community, believe the problem may not be that the drugs don't work, but that we're testing them in the wrong way.

That's why we established, and now lead, the Critical Path for Parkinson's research, an international initiative.

We're working with researchers, drug companies and regulators to change clinical trials so they're smarter, more likely to succeed and meet regulatory approvals.

The Critical Path for Parkinson's

Watch our Director of Research, Dr Arthur Roach, explain more about this exciting and essential initiative.

We believe clinical trials can work better so we're bringing the right people together to make trials faster, cheaper and more likely to succeed.