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Mental Health Matters Too

We need your input on our new campaign to ensure mental health isn't ignored in the treatment of people with Parkinson's.

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Prescription charges campaign

A man taking a pill

We’re campaigning for free prescriptions for everyone with Parkinson’s. Read about the campaign and take the prescription charges survey.

Make social care fair

Girl helping her mum take off shoes

We're campaigning for urgent reform of the care and support system in England, to help people with Parkinson's and their families.

Campaign resources

Group of people stood outside 10 Downing Street

We're supporting you to campaign for the changes you'd like to see in your local area for people living with Parkinson's.

Make your voice heard

Did you know?

Among other changes, our Campaigns Network has helped protect benefits and get more Parkinson's nurses in place.

Sharing experiences

2 years after my wife and I joined the campaign and started raising money, a local Parkinson's nurse was appointed. It was great to see what everyone's efforts could achieve.

Ray, who has Parkinson's
Ray, who has Parkinson's