Home-based roles with Parkinson's UK

About two thirds of our roles at Parkinson's UK are home-based, with office facilities set up within staff members' homes.

If you're thinking about applying for one of our home-based jobs, find out here what that could mean for you.

What about home insurance?

We would advise you to contact your home insurers to notify them that you are going to be working from home.

Do you pay any additional allowance for working from home?

No. Our salaries are as advertised for the role and there are no additional payments.

Do I have to pay more tax if I work from home?

No. In fact, you may be entitled to a small tax allowance for working from home.

You'll need to contact the Inland Revenue directly once you are in post with us, and notify them of your circumstances.

When does my working day start if I'm based at home?

With a generally agreed pattern of work, if you're home-based your working day starts either at the point you start working in your office (ie logging on to your computer and telephone) or when you leave your home to attend a meeting, visit a client, etc.

We operate a flexi-time scheme, which offers you a degree of flexibility in your start and finish times.

We're aware that there can also be some disadvantages to working from home:

  • You may potentially feel remote from your regional/national colleagues, your line manager or the organisation generally.
  • Some people find working from home isolating.
  • You may feel that practical problems, for example not enough space or not enough quiet/private time, make it difficult to work or concentrate at home.

Through our staff who work from home, we are able to provide local information, support and education across the UK.

We can also provide other services to people with Parkinson's, their families and carers, our local groups, and healthcare professionals in your area.

This enables us to work effectively, listen to local needs and deliver our support accordingly.

Our home-based staff tell us that there are lots of positive reasons for working from home:

Work-life balance

Your work is on your doorstep. At either end of your day you can arrive at work and be home in minutes.


You can save time travelling. And you'll have no commuting costs, which for some people can be thousands of pounds every year.


You will have a degree of flexibility in planning your working week (apart from cases where your attendance may be required, for example at team meetings, local group meetings etc) within the boundaries of your weekly contracted hours.

Over time we have improved practical arrangements, support and communication with our home-based staff. We now provide as much support as we can to make working life as easy as possible.

Read more about other benefits of working for Parkinson's UK.

Do I have to provide any equipment if I work from home?

No, we'll provide you with all of the necessary equipment.

How much space will this take up in my home?

While we offer the equipment to allow you to work at home, it's your responsibility to make sure that you have the space and the quiet time to carry out the role.

Do you provide lease cars or a cash equivalent?

At present we do not offer a lease car or a cash equivalent to new staff members.

If you use your own car for work purposes you will be able to claim for your business mileage at HMRC rates.

I already have a computer and a desk. Can I just use my own?

If you have your own desk, chair or filing cupboard which you would prefer to use, then you may be able do so.

However, we do have an obligation to ensure as part of our health and safety procedures that they meet appropriate legislation and policy requirements.

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