Parkinson’s UK’s Volunteer Awards

The Parkinson’s UK Volunteer Awards are back! Nominate an individual or team who have made a difference to the Parkinson’s community through their volunteering this year. Please make sure you’re aware of the award criteria before submitting your nomination.

Parkinson’s UK is a people-powered movement. Almost 4,000 volunteers shape us. From supporting local Parkinson’s communities to delivering research conferences and events.

That’s why we launched the Parkinson’s UK Volunteer Awards 4 years ago. Together we’ll celebrate the unsung heroes who drive Parkinson's services, support and research, and champion our values.

Nominations will close at 5pm on 27 July. And we’ll let nominators know if their nominee has won an award by the end of November.

You can nominate any volunteer or volunteer team (a team is 2 or more volunteers) who:

  • have demonstrated at least 1 or more of our values: people-first, uniting, pioneering and driven (read examples of how a volunteer may have championed our values)
  • are currently registered Parkinson’s UK volunteers (for team nominations, every member of the team must be currently registered Parkinson’s UK volunteers)
  • have been a Parkinson’s UK registered volunteer since at least 1 March 2022
  • achieved what you’re nominating them for between 1 June 2020 and now
  • haven’t won an award for the type of volunteering or role you’re nominating them for before.

You can’t nominate:

  • individuals or teams who are not registered Parkinson’s UK volunteers 
  • people who support or fundraise for the charity, but haven’t had a volunteering role
  • yourself
  • a volunteer or team of volunteers who have won an award for the type of volunteering or role you’re nominating them for already
  • a family member or partner.

Not sure if you can nominate someone?

If you’re not sure if the volunteer or team of volunteers you’d like to nominate meet these criteria, visit our Volunteer Awards FAQ page.

Get to know last year’s Volunteer Award winners

Hear about the fantastic work of last year’s winners and what their award means to them.