Unlocking scientific discoveries

We're backing the best and brightest minds to unlock the ideas that will lead to new treatments, and one day a cure.

We support the most promising scientists working in labs and hospitals across the UK and beyond to unravel the mysteries of Parkinson’s.

It’s only by truly understanding the complex causes and how it progresses that we’ll be able to come up with strategies that can stop, reverse and prevent Parkinson’s.

Supporting scientific discoveries

We are currently funding around 50 research projects into all aspects of Parkinson’s. Our research projects exist at different stages of the research pipeline. Some are in the early scientific discovery stage, while others are already being tested in clinical trials. Discover more about how our researchers are unlocking ideas that will lead to new treatments:

Tracking Parkinson’s

The ambitious Tracking Parkinson’s study launched in early 2012 with the aim of studying how people with the condition differ in their symptoms, respond to drug therapies and progress over time. Ultimately, understanding these differences will help us develop better and more targeted treatments that we can use in particular types of Parkinson’s.

Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre 

The Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre is a unique, collaborative initiative that brings together the best scientific minds to speed up the search for better treatments and a cure. The researchers are looking at Parkinson’s from every angle – including studying stem cells and animal models of the condition – to attempt to answer some of the biggest questions facing the field.

Parkinson's UK Brain Bank

The Parkinson’s UK Brain Bank is the world’s only brain bank solely dedicated to Parkinson’s research. The team collects the brain, spinal cord and a sample of cerebrospinal fluid from people with and without the condition for vital research. These tissues are supplied free of charge to researchers studying Parkinson’s all over the world, enabling discoveries that will lead to new and better treatments.

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Without your support, research can't happen. From taking part in a research study to becoming a volunteer, find out about the many ways you can help us find a cure for Parkinson's.

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