Improving clinical trials

We believe clinical trials can work better, so we're bringing the right people together to make trials faster, cheaper and more likely to succeed.

Clinical trials are the most costly and lengthy part of the whole research process. In recent years, several promising new treatments for Parkinson's have failed to show benefit in clinical trials.

Many in the research community believe the problem may not be that the drugs don't work, but that we're testing them in the wrong way.

That's why we launched the Critical Path for Parkinson's.

What is the Critical Path for Parkinson's?

This international collaboration brings together pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies, universities and charities to share data from major studies and trials.

Our expert partner - the Critical Path Institute - is using this data to develop new tools and strategies to improve clinical trials for Parkinson's.

This ambitious collaboration aims to change the way clinical trials are carried out, and help ensure new treatments reach people with Parkinson's faster.

The Critical Path for Parkinson's

Our Director of Research, Dr Arthur Roach, explains more about this exciting and essential initiative.

Meet our expert partners: Critical Path Institute

Critical Path Institute is an independent non-profit dedicated to bringing scientists together to collaborate and improve the drug development process.