Clinical trial of GDNF

This pioneering trial tested whether GDNF treatment can slow, stop or reverse Parkinson's - something no current treatment can do.

GDNF is a special protein that is naturally produced inside the brain and supports the survival of many types of brain cells – including the cells lost in Parkinson's.

The results from the GDNF clinical trial are not clearcut, but offer promising signs that it may be possible to restore the cells damaged in Parkinson's.

The trial has advanced our understanding of the potential effects of GDNF on damaged brain cells. It has proved that delivering a therapy in this way is feasible and acceptable to patients. And it has shown that it's possible to deliver drugs with precision to the brain.

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Moving GDNF forward

We're excited about the future of GDNF as a treatment for Parkinson's. And we’re fully committed to exploring the potential it could hold.

Parkinson’s UK Chief Executive, Steve Ford, reflects upon progress one year since the groundbreaking GDNF trial results were announced.