RCSLT thickened fluids position statement and paper

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) has developed a position statement, paper, and resources to support dysphagia practitioners to understand the potential benefits and potential burdens associated with thickened fluids.

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Thickened fluids are an intervention for adults and children with difficulties swallowing fluids. In this context, thickened fluids refer to any liquid or drink that is taken orally. Thickened fluids may be naturally occurring or artificially thickened by commercial or non-commercial products.

The resources aim to support the practitioner to review their current practice. The position paper is not a systematic review of the literature but provides an overview of the current discussions around using or not using thickened fluids.

Learn more by visiting the Thickened fluids page on the RCSLT website or go straight to: