Parkinson's Disease - Cognitive Functional Rating Scale (PD-CFRS)

The PD-CFRS (Kulisevsky et al. 2013) is a short Parkinson's specific questionnaire, used to explore a wide range of functional aspects suspected to be sensible to cognitive impairment in Parkinson's. It is intended for use by trained health professionals only.

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The questionnaire consists of 12 questions which each explore a wide range of functional aspects linked to cognitive impairment.

Examples include assessing whether or not the patient has experienced difficulty performing activities such as handling money, arranging holidays or meetings, using home electrical appliances, understanding how to use public transport, solving unforeseen events and explaining things they want to say.

A license (fee applies) is required to use the scales in a study promoted by a pharmaceutical company. License to use the scales for non-profit scientific research is free of charge.

The PD-CFRS is available in 7 languages.