NICE guideline [NG71]: Parkinson's disease in adults

This guideline covers diagnosing and managing Parkinson's in people aged 18 and over.

Last reviewed
  • Access to multi-disciplinary teams
  • Anticipatory / advanced care
  • Care strategies
  • Information from diagnosis
  • Inpatient care and medicines management
  • Mental health
  • Patient involvement
  • Service improvement
  • Side effects
  • Standardising assessments
  • Symptoms
  • Treatments and medication
Resource type
  • Tools
  • All professions
  • Complex
  • Diagnosis
  • End of life
  • Maintenance

It aims to improve care from the time of diagnosis, including monitoring and managing symptoms, providing information and support, and palliative care.

It updates and replaces NICE guideline CG35 (published in June 2006).

The guideline includes recommendations on:

  • information and support
  • diagnosis
  • pharmacological management of motor symptoms
  • pharmacological management of non-motor symptoms
  • non-pharmacological management of symptoms
  • impulsive and compulsive behaviour
  • palliative care

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