Ambulance service factsheet

A factsheet of advice on getting people with Parkinson’s their medication on time when they’re being transported to hospital.

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What is this factsheet?

It’s vital that people with Parkinson’s take their medication within 30 minutes of the prescribed time. Even a slight delay can have serious implications. Further delays and missed medications can cause long lasting harm for someone living with Parkinson’s.

This factsheet was developed in partnership with the Scottish Ambulance Service as part of a drive to get medication on time to people with Parkinson’s.

By spreading awareness among healthcare professionals, including ambulance teams, we can prevent people with Parkinson’s from experiencing distressing symptoms if they need to be transported to hospital.

Who is it for?

This factsheet is for health professionals working in the ambulance service.

How was the factsheet developed?

This factsheet was developed in partnership with the Scottish Ambulance Service.

In April 2023, Parkinson’s UK presented the factsheet to the Scottish Ambulance Service. The factsheet has been made available to every ambulance team in Scotland and shared through Scottish Ambulance Service’s internal channels.

More recently, word of the factsheet has spread beyond Scotland and so we are sharing this valuable resource more widely.

Read more about how we developed the factsheet.