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Team contacts


England East

Wendy Chandler, Education Adviser (Volunteer Education Programme)
Tel: 0344 225 3621
Email: [email protected]

England North

Gail Creswick, Education Adviser (Accreditation and Quality)
Tel: 0344 225 3631
Email: [email protected]

England West

Anita Vojnovic, Education Adviser (Cascade delivery adviser)
Tel: 0344 225 3611

England South

Claire Hewitt, Education Adviser (Online Learning Programme)
Tel: 0344 225 3651
Email: [email protected]

Northern Ireland

Nuala Campbell, Education Adviser
Tel: 0344 225 3681
Email: [email protected]


Candice Dillen, Education Adviser
Tel: 0344 225 3701
Email: [email protected]

For our credit-rated learning programme - Understanding Parkinson's for health and social care staff health please contact:

  • Jackie Burke, Education Adviser (Credit-Rated Learning Programme)
    Tel: 0344 225 9865
    Email: [email protected]
  • Debbie Bishop, Credit-Rated Learning Programme Co-ordinator
    Tel: 0344 225 3624
    Email: [email protected].uk


Tracey Anderson, Education Adviser
Tel: 0344 225 3711
Email: [email protected]

Other contacts

Fiona Barrett, Education Programme Manager
Tel: 0344 225 3721
Email: [email protected]

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