First Steps - for people newly diagnosed with Parkinson's

First Steps is a 2-day programme designed for people recently diagnosed with Parkinson's, and their partners, families or friends.

Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the face to face First Steps programmes have been cancelled as a precaution until further notice.

The First Steps team has fast-tracked development of an online programme. They are currently working their way through a waiting list so aren't taking new referrals right now.

They hope to welcome new referrals to the online First Steps programme towards the end of 2020.

People newly diagnosed with Parkinson's can still access Parkinson's UK information and support especially designed for them.

Slice title
Online First Steps programme overview

Item text
  • Processing your diagnosis 
  • Facts about Parkinson’s
  • Accessing the right specialists / health professionals 
  • Support that Parkinson’s UK can offer people affected by Parkinson's, their partners, family members and friends
  • Importance of exercise and physical activity in managing Parkinson’s
Item text
  • Review of how participants have been getting on since the first 2 sessions, the activities they have taken up and a discussion on any successes or challenges
  • Separate group discussion for those living with Parkinson’s and a separate group discussion for partners, family members and friends 
  • Rights and practicalities around living with Parkinson’s; for example employment, driving and prescriptions
  • Living positively with Parkinson’s and the support options available to the person affected and their partner, family member or friend 

Telling your patients about First Steps

The First Steps team still want you to tell people with Parkinson's about the programme during their diagnosis experience.

You will need to make them aware that the programme has moved online and isn't currently accepting new referrals, but information will be posted on this page, and on the First Steps page of the Newly Diagnosed section of this website as soon as the situation changes.

If they have any questions in the meantime they can email [email protected]  

Michele Hu, consultant neurologist with the Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre, was involved in getting the initial First Steps programme up and running. Find out more about her involvement and the experience of her patients by reading her blog.

"I have absolutely loved this group. It has really helped me to feel positive and to understand Parkinson's which has taken away the fear and anxieties I felt after diagnosis."

First Steps participant