Unite For Parkinson's

This World Parkinson's Day, supporters around the world are coming together on a bigger scale than ever to show what Parkinson's truly is - and we need you to play your part. 

We're working with international partners including the European Parkinson's Disease Association, Michael J Fox Foundation and organisations from Africa, Australia and India to make Wednesday 11 April 2018 a truly global event, to raise awareness and understanding of Parkinson's.

The day's theme is 'Unite For Parkinson's'. By uniting for Parkinson's, we can all spread the same message on one day all over the world.

Going forward, we can make World Parkinson's Day a global platform to encourage a bigger focus on Parkinson's.

What's the plan?

Parkinson's doesn’t care who you are or where you come from. Today, around 10 million people worldwide live with the condition.

We're going to show the world what Parkinson's truly is by sharing a video we've made with real stories of people with Parkinson's across the globe. The video will be launched on the campaign website on the day and we want you to share it on social media.

We're also calling on UK businesses to roll out Parkinson's awareness training. Too many people are mistreated in shops and venues because of their Parkinson's - it's time for that to change.

Sign our petition to businesses - and encourage your friends, family and fellow volunteers to sign it too.

How else can I get involved?

Make your own video

Everyone's Parkinson's story is different. This World Parkinson's Day, tell your story and upload your own video to social media using the hashtag #UniteforParkinsons.

Use the hashtag #UniteForParkinsons 

Share the campaign video and your own videos, personal messages and pictures, and encourage others to do so too. Your posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be pulled onto our campaign website and seen across the world.

Organise an event

We've created materials to mark World Parkinson's Day. Whether you want to fundraise in your community or just get together with friends, family and other local volunteers, please help us raise awareness of Parkinson's and our work.

More ideas

For more ideas on how you can get involved on World Parkinson's Day, download our toolkit.