Save Parkinson’s clinical research. Take part today

We’re calling on the Parkinson’s community to take part in 5 important clinical studies that are currently at risk of closure.

When the pandemic hit back in 2020, a number of active Parkinson’s trials had to close their sites, pause their research to keep people safe and redeploy staff to the coronavirus (COVID-19) frontline. 

Now, 2 years on, these trials are open and recruiting but their time is running out to recruit all the people needed to ensure they can continue.

What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are the most costly and lengthy part of the whole research process. They play a vital role in demonstrating new treatments are both safe and effective. The data collected from these studies is required for new treatments to be licensed and made available to people with Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s UK spends around £10 million on research each year. With clinical trials being closest to delivering life changing new treatments, we support numerous studies addressing all aspects of Parkinson’s, from managing symptoms to slowing the progression of the condition. 

Without these trials, important new treatments could be delayed by years, or risk never being made available at all.

Could you take part?

There are 5 Parkinson’s UK-supported studies currently behind on their recruitment targets due to the coronavirus pandemic and at risk of closure. We are urging people from the Parkinson’s community to come forward. 

Each trial is looking for people who meet specific criteria, for instance you may experience anxiety, falls, hallucinations or low mood. But it’s not just people with Parkinson’s who can take part. The AND-PD study, for example, is also looking for people who do not have the condition.

In total, Parkinson’s UK and other funders have invested several million pounds in these trials. If they have to close early, this will be wasted, and will delay the delivery of potentially life changing new treatments for Parkinson’s. 

Choose a trial to take part in

The studies you can take part in are listed below and sorted by symptom. For full details of each study, what’s involved in taking part, and how to register your interest directly with the research teams, please follow the links below.

Balance and falls

A phase 3 clinical trial of a sticky medication patch for falls in Parkinson's (CHIEF-PD). It has 3 months left to recruit around 300 participants. Learn more about the CHIEF-PD trial.

Daily living and drooling

A trial of a wrist-worn device assisting daily life of people with Parkinson's as well as seeing if it can manage drooling. We have 4 months left to recruit around 3,000 participants. Find out more about the device and drooling trial

This trial is also looking for anyone with Parkinson's to trial the device. Learn more about the general device trial.


A trial looking at repurposing an existing drug to see if it can help with Parkinson's hallucinations (TOPHAT). It has 20 months left to recruit about 250 participants. Find out more about the TOPHAT trial.


A study looking to better understand anxiety in Parkinson’s (AND-PD). There are 9 months left to recruit around 130 participants. The study is looking for people with and without Parkinson’s. Discover more about the AND-PD study.

Low mood

A trial to test a potential treatment for low mood in Parkinson’s and to see if it can slow the progression of the condition (ADEPT-PD). It has 10 months left to recruit around 300 participants. Learn more about the ADEPT-PD trial.

Find more studies looking for participants

Use our Take Part Hub to search your postcode for studies that you can do from home or that are happening near you.