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PIP claims to be reviewed


1.6 million claimants of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) - many of whom have Parkinson's - are to have their awards reviewed.

Changes were introduced in March 2017 making it more difficult to claim PIP, despite opposition from Parkinson's UK and other charities.

It was expected that these changes would have stopped around 160,000 people getting access to PIP in the future, including people with Parkinson's.

However, a successful legal challenge late last year meant these changes were thrown out and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) decided not to appeal the decision earlier this month. 

As a result, the government has said they'll now be reviewing all PIP claims.

What does this mean for me?

We expect these reviews to be conducted using case notes, so people with Parkinson's will not need to attend additional face-to-face assessments to see if they qualify for further support.

It's not expected that these reviews will reduce the amount of benefit PIP claimants receive. However, it's not clear at the moment how long the review will take, how claimants will be selected and whether the government will review people who didn’t qualify for PIP previously.

Phil Reynolds, Senior Policy and Campaigns Adviser at Parkinson's UK said:

"Instead of using this opportunity to make improvements to PIP, the government has simply reverted to its initial illogical criteria that has seen around a quarter of people with Parkinson's lose some or all of their support following reassessment from Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

"This announcement does nothing to reassure millions of people across the country that the DWP has control of the issue. It's absolutely crucial that the government gets a grip on PIP to ensure people with long term conditions get the support they need the first time, every time."

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