Parkinson's UK holds first Shake with Laughter at Glasgow's Stand

“It was an absolute joy. If only all gigs were like this!"

Those were the words of comedian Joe Heenan after a fantastic first Shake with Laughter Glasgow this week.

Fred MacAulay added:

"A great crowd…made up of people with Parkinson’s, families and friends of people with Parkinson’s and others who just wanted a good laugh and to help raise funds and awareness. All in all - a result!"

And the last word goes to the driving force behind the Shake series of gigs - Rob Deering – who said:

"Our first Shake with Laughter at Glasgow's Stand could not have been better - comedians, venue and audience were all absolutely lovely."

The comedy night was a huge success and raised more than £2,000. Parkinson’s UK thanks all the performers and everyone at the Stand for supporting the charity and - most of all - thanks everyone who bought a ticket and came along on the night.

The show was the latest in the Shake with Laughter series of comedy nights organised by comedian Rob Deering, whose father Barney has lived with Parkinson’s for many years. Supporting Rob on the night were Fred MacAulay, Des Clarke, Joe Heenan, Jo Caulfield and Mark Nelson.

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