An 'ode' from Anne

Nominated by multiple Parkinson’s UK staff and volunteers, Anne, based in Surrey, has volunteered in a wide range of roles - whether it’s helping put people with Parkinson’s at the heart of research, to deepening understanding of what it’s like to live with Parkinson’s, by sharing her Mother’s story.

Who better to explain what volunteering, and this award means than Anne herself, in this poem written on receipt of the award: 

“I was given a volunteer award, by Parkinson’s UK. I know my volunteering takes up time nearly every day.

My journey alongside my mother, as she lived with PD, enabled me to make a difference, to PwP's and me!

I love that I have found a way to use the things I learned, and support PUK in many ways and for that, this award I earned.

It hasn’t been difficult for me to fundraise or campaign. But the difficulties my mother had, for others shouldn’t remain.

I’ve been involved in many things: grant reviews, abseils and talking to my MP. I've helped assess the Brain Bank and write a document for the NHS to see.

I’ve taken part in research, and have a photo of my brain. I've tapped, and talked and volunteered and I know I’ll do it again!

So thank you for the sparkly badge, that I will wear with pride. It was such a shock to hear my surprise I couldn’t hide!

I'll keep on volunteering...there is still much work to be done. Supporting PUK to find out more: is not all work... volunteering can be fun!

My mother used her poetry, as a coping strategy. She wrote ‘Odd Odes,' that I have shared for everyone to see. I still have copies of my book, but now the box isn’t such a heavy load

And as a tribute to my Mum, my thanks for this award, just had to be 'An Ode!!’