Elisabeth's story - how volunteering can boost your CV

Biomedical sciences student Elisabeth Mahase has gained lots of useful skills and experience from her time as a science media volunteer at Parkinson's UK.

Hands-on experience

"I'm studying biomedical science at university, and as part of my course I studied Parkinson's. It really sparked my interest.

"Parkinson's UK came up, and I thought, 'Why not offer my skills and volunteer with them?'

"I just wanted to be able to get some more hands-on experience. I've learned so much, so many different skills that I will now be using in my placement year – things that I couldn't get from anywhere else.

"No one in my family has Parkinson's, but I think that made meeting people with Parkinson's more interesting.

Incredible staff

"The staff have been incredible. They've really looked after me, and made sure I can get the most out of my experience.

"I actually hope that in my third year, after my placement, I can come back and maybe have a look at a different team, maybe digital or even creative.

"There's so much at Parkinson's UK that you can do and so many different areas that you can get involved in.

"Definitely volunteer. It's fun, you get to meet lovely people and you get to learn so much.

"It's a real life experience and it's also a worthy cause, so what could be better?"