Increasing understanding of Parkinson's among care staff

Our team of Volunteer Educators train care home staff so people with Parkinson's in care homes get the very best treatment. 

Christine, based in Sunderland, is one of more than 100 volunteer educators delivering face to face training to staff in care homes and nursing homes.

This high quality training increases care staff’s knowledge and understanding of the condition, and Christine goes above and beyond to make this happen, pro-actively approaching care homes and tenaciously chasing them to schedule sessions they have requested. She keeps the education team informed of all her sessions and is extremely timely and efficient in reporting back and sending in feedback from participants. She strives to deliver two education sessions every month, taking the initiative to contact homes who might benefit from training. 

Christine is people-first; putting people with Parkinson’s at the heart of what we do by ensuring she has someone with Parkinson’s with her at every education session, informally coaching these individuals to increase their confidence and gives them the time and space to share their story with training participants. This enhances participants’ learning and means people with Parkinson’s can share their first-hand experiences of what living with Parkinson’s is like.

Like other educators, the staff Christine is training care for some of the most vulnerable people with Parkinson’s 24 hours a day - the difference this training makes to the lives of those people is so important.

Christine also unites: in every session she is bringing paid care staff together with people with Parkinson’s to improve the lives of others with the condition. So far in 2019 Christine has trained over 120 individuals, including reaching 57 care staff and home managers in one day at a training event organised by the local CCG - and, education volunteers in total have reached more than 2000 professionals this year which is an incredible team effort. As Christine says of her fellow educators in the area: "I could not do what I do without the support of Betty and Barry, we are a team"

Finally, if Christine wasn't busy enough she also organises a monthly singing group for people with Parkinson’s in Sunderland too. 

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