Tips for making getting ready easier

Parkinson's symptoms can make getting ready in the morning a bit tricky. Here, people with Parkinson's share their tips on making their daily routine easier. 

  • "I have all my outfits complete and colour-coded on hangers so that I can grab a hanger, sit on my bed and get dressed slowly."
  • "My other half finds it difficult to get into tops, so we try to choose garments that are slightly larger or looser but which will drape well so the fit still looks right. Jersey fabrics are good for this if not too thick."
  • "We had a seamstress sew the buttons on the front of Dad's shirts, and add a hidden velcro button behind the shirt opening to make it easier to dress himself."
  • "My barber trims my beard with each haircut."
  • "I find it difficult to cut my own fingernails so I go to a local nail bar. I do not want anything fancy doing and they can cut and file my nails for a few pounds. I go once every 3 or 4 weeks and my nails always look a great deal better than they did when I tried to cut them myself."
  • "I have a mobile hairdresser come out to my house who is very good. She knows I have Parkinson's and totally understands the problems I have. It's been a good solution for me."
  • "When buying an overcoat, look for one with a slippery, satin lining that makes it easier to put on and take off."
  • "I find a long-handled shoe horn and slip-on shoes helpful."
  • "If you find it hard to use two hands when drying your hair (hairdryer in one hand, brush in the other), then use one of those heated dryers that has the brush on the end. That way, you can do everything with one hand."
  • "I got my husband some soap-on-a-rope for the shower. He doesn't like shower gel and can end up slipping."
  • "My dad couldn't cope with fastening his trousers but joggers or elasticated waist trousers were a good alternative."
  • "Use a zip-pull or attach a leather or loop of material on the end of the zipper to help with gripping."
  • "I recently received a bracelet which had been made for me with a magnetic clasp and a small safety chain. I'm thinking of adapting some of my necklaces as magnetic clasps are quite easy to get hold of."
  • "We bought my dad an electric shaver, which helps him shave."

Do you have tips you'd like to share with other people who care for someone with Parkinson's? Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we'll post the best ones online.