How to manage your medication

There can be a lot to think about when managing your medication regime. Here we share some top tips for getting to grips with your Parkinson’s drugs.


Message in a Bottle is a free scheme designed to help alert emergency services to your condition if they need to enter your property in an emergency situation. You record basic medical details and emergency contact numbers on a form and keep it in a bottle in the fridge. You then put a green sticker on your fridge door, and another on the inside of your front door, so emergency services know you are part of the scheme. Speak to your pharmacist or GP about getting a kit. 


"Have something like porridge with almond milk for your breakfast as it doesn’t contain as much protein, so your levodopa medication can get into your brain more easily."

Timed pill boxes

“My gran uses a timed pill box which sounds an alarm when she is due to take her next round of medication. She tops it up every night ready for the next day. It really helps her get her medication on time.”

Wash bags

Order one of our Parkinson’s UK wash bags to remind ward staff you need your medication on time. It comes with information about going into hospital when you have Parkinson’s and a medication card so you can keep a record of what you take. Find out more on our online shop.


“I really like the Medisafe app on my phone. I take quite the collection of medication each day, from five doses of Parkinson’s tablets to pills for HRT, melatonin and blood pressure. I also take antidepressants. The Medisafe app reminds me to take it all. It’s great because you can set famous ringtones with spoken reminders, such as Morgan Freeman, Dr Evil or Star Wars. It adds an element of fun to it.”


A MedicAlert bracelet or pendant is a piece of jewellery that provides contact details and medical information, including what medications you are taking. It can be helpful if you are not able to communicate in an emergency.


Many mobile phones have a medical ID page. You can record details about medication you take as well as emergency contact information. The emergency services can access this screen without needing to log into your phone.


“When you are travelling, check the rules of the country you are going to. In many places you have to declare the medication you are taking in. This is important if you’re going away for a while as you’ll need plenty of medication to manage your Parkinson’s on your trip.”

Fizzy water

“I take my Madopar dispersible medication with carbonated water as it helps it get into the stomach more quickly. It works a treat.”

Carry card

“Consider carrying a card in your wallet or purse that says you have Parkinson’s and lists medication times and doses, plus the name and phone number of your doctor. My husband has a home-made one, but you could print out and use the Parkinson’s UK medication card.”
Person with Parkinson’s on our online forum.

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