Voice Analyst

Voice Analyst allows you to measure the volume and pitch of your voice.

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Voice Analyst is available on iOS and Android devices.

This app is great for self-monitoring, but you could also take it along to your next speech therapy appointment to share your goals and results, and put you in control of the session.
Parkinson's UK tip

David, diagnosed 2017

"The app was easy and quick to download and install. It appears very stable with no unexpected hang-ups, terminations or other glitches.

"Being able to set volume and pitch targets is an extremely useful feature, but the specific ranges that it uses require advice from a professional speech therapist.

"Voice Analyst is an extremely useful and informative app that provides anybody with interesting information on the 'quality' of their speech."

Alan's review

"I've had a soft voice since 2012. I completed LSVT in 2016 and found it useful but have struggled to keep up regular practice.

"The Voice Analyst app is simple and effective. It presents clear icons for record, play, stop, analyse and save. You can set targets for maximum and minimum volume and pitch.

"The overall feel is a competent professional tool without gimmicks. Everything seems to work."
Alan, who has Parkinson's

"I particularly like the ability to save recordings. Files can be saved in directories (folders) and these can be nested. You can email recordings or transfer them using messenger services.

"This could allow the tool to be used to submit samples to speech therapists to support assessment and training. It also means that the app could double up as a general purpose voice recorder."

John, diagnosed 2010

"I've been quietly spoken for several years. Quiet enough to prompt people to ask me to repeat myself and to not be heard in a group discussion.

"I should imagine that if you're attending a speech therapy class this app will provide a good monitor of your progress. The detail of pitch display and volume is good and probably more than required by most users."

Christopher, diagnosed 2010

"My voice is very weak and I slur my words, which makes it very difficult to be understood. I'm constantly repeating myself, and it's getting worse.

"You can test your voice with Voice Analyst and play the recording back. This kind of feedback is useful as you need to know what your voice sounds like in order to work at it.

"You can also monitor a therapy session by ensuring your volume and pitch are correct as per the therapist's instructions."

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Meet the developer

Sam Brady, Founder of Speechtools:

"As a speech and language therapist I use voice analysis software in my therapy sessions to show patients how their voice works.

"When my patients used to ask me if there was something similar they could use at home, I was unable to recommend anything as the clinic kit I used was complicated and cost several thousand pounds.

"However, to help my patients, my husband (an experienced app developer) and I created Voice Analyst. It's now used daily by many thousands of speech and language therapists and their patients worldwide, and has since been used to analyse over 1 million voice recordings."

Find out more about Voice Analyst on the Speechtools website.

Our Mobile Health review information

Rating category


Regulatory approval 100%
Privacy and confidentiality 100%
Security 70%
Effectiveness 60%
Clinical safety  N/A
Usability 60%
Accessibility 60%
Interoperability N/A
Development plan 70%
Technical stability 80%

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This app seems well thought through and executed. The team have spotted an unmet need and worked to fill it with a relatively simple and low cost solution.

There is no academic evidential support for this app. But it is based on experience of delivering LSVT therapy to clients, and the idea behind the app is sound as the functionality already exists in other products being used professionally.

  • Application: Voice Analyst
  • Version: 2.0 
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Handset/Hardware: iPad