Swallow Prompt

Swallow Prompt delivers regular and discreet prompts that remind you to swallow.

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  • 80% felt it was easy to use.

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Swallow Prompt is available on iOS and Android devices.

Use this app with cordless in-ear headphones for a discreet everyday solution.
Parkinson's UK tip

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"It gives a good prompt. Even my wife, who doesn't have Parkinson's, has started swallowing when she hears the beep."

Dave, who has Parkinson's, explains how Swallow Prompt has made a difference to his daily life.

Kaya, diagnosed 2008

"I've had the problem of excessive saliva in my mouth for several years.

"I find this app straightforward to load and use. I just set the timeframe I want for the alerts and press start.

"Very soon I started to associate the beep with the need to swallow, even when I was occupied or distracted."

Ray, diagnosed 1995

"For several years now I've had trouble with swallowing and drooling. It's embarrassing and was one of my reasons for taking early retirement.

"By setting the app up with headphones and using the volume controls on my phone, or with my phone in my pocket and just a vibrate switched on, it really does serve as a reminder to swallow.

"I usually end up with a wet beard before drips start to hit my shirt, at which point it's a fairly public display. Setting the timer for 30 to 40 seconds provides the right timeframe for me, but it's very flexible and can be set to suit any individual."

Alison, diagnosed 2005

"I was unaware I had a problem with excess saliva until it started to affect me when playing my recorders.

"Swallow Prompt reminds me that I need to take manual control of processes that my brain used to take care of for me. In this case, I have to consciously swallow saliva every few minutes to avoid it building up."

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Meet the developer

Sam Brady, Founder of Speechtools:

"As a speech and language therapist I always recommended a swallow badge to people who had difficulties managing their saliva. The badge had an audible beep to remind people with Parkinson's to swallow and was proven to help in a clinical study.

"However, it was expensive and also quite intrusive in that the beeping would be heard by all. The badge then became unavailable and I wanted an alternative to help my patients so myself and my husband (an experienced app developer) created Swallow Prompt."

Find out more about Swallow Prompt on the Speechtools website.

Our Mobile Health review information

Rating category


Regulatory approval 100%
Privacy and confidentiality  75%
Security 90%
Effectiveness 57%
Clinical safety N/A
Usability  70%
Accessibility  90%
Interoperability N/A
Development plan 40%
Technical stability 87%

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The app is a simple alarm which does what it states ie provides a prompt to swallow.

The help section and privacy policy have been improved significantly during this review. Claims made about the impact of the app are based on its similarity to earlier devices approved by Parkinson's UK using similar methodology.

It is easy to use and there is little to navigate around the app.

  • Application: Swallow Prompt
  • Version: 1.9
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Handset/Hardware: Android Phone running v5 or later
  • Assessment date: 20/04/2018