Pzizz helps you to have better quality sleep.

It plays a mix of music and sound effects that quieten your mind to send you to sleep and keep you asleep, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed.

What do our reviewers say?

  • 100% continued using the app after the test period was over.
  • 100% found the app easy to use.

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Pzizz is available for iOS and Android devices.

Even though the default settings work well, it's worth exploring the customizable elements to see if they affect how the app works for you. Setting some of the options to 'Random' stops your brain from learning the patterns of the app cycle and tuning into them.  
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"I've tried several sleep apps as I normally wake up at 4.30am and rarely get back to sleep.

"Pzizz, like others, has a person speaking in a hypnotic manner with gentle background music. It's a good app, and is flexible and customizable."

Michelle, diagnosed 2012

"This app is very easy to use. I like the choice of music, and the fact that I can choose a specific title to listen to or use the 'Random Play' mode.

"The narrative is very soothing and relaxing. It helps me get to sleep quicker and easier than usual, but not to stay asleep. But I've found that if I use it every time I wake, I still get a little more sleep than usual.

"The alarm feature is also very good – it allows me to wake more slowly and naturally, but still be awake when I need to be. I would recommend the app to anyone if they experience sleep issues."

David, diagnosed 2015

"Several years before my Parkinson's diagnosis, I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. Since then I've been using a CPAP machine to help promote a normal sleep pattern.

"Unfortunately, despite religious use of the machine, my problem of constant tiredness didn't go away. The most beneficial effect for me was the lack of headache on waking, and peace for my family due to the prevention of my snoring. After my diagnosis, it was clear the constant movement in my sleep and vivid dreams were probably the cause of my tiredness. This led to me being prescribed a muscle relaxant, which helped to some extent.

"Normally I get to sleep by listening to podcasts and audio books, which help me to relax and unwind, so it was no problem to substitute them for the Pzizz app.

"This is one app I could recommend based on my short experience."
David, who has Parkinson's

"From the start I was impressed with the app's flexibility and the number of options for the voice, dialogue and music. The default voice is soft and comforting, and the music just right for relaxing. I drifted off to sleep before the segment ended – a good start! I was pleasantly surprised to be awoken by the same voice, which slowly helped me to become fully conscious while feeling quite refreshed. I followed the same process the following day and had the same result.

"I decided to try the nap function, setting the timer to 20 minutes as suggested to avoid falling too deeply asleep and feeling groggy on waking. Amazingly it worked – when roused by the app I did feel much better and brighter than I have in the past. I really do like this app."

Kay, diagnosed 2012

"I'm embarrassed to admit that I approached Pzizz with a fair degree of cynicism. Seriously, I could not imagine how an app was going to help with my ridiculously chaotic sleeping patterns. But having tried it for a couple of weeks, with a surprising degree of success, I fully intend to continue to use it. It won't be right for everyone and it does cost, but even trying out the 'free sample' is definitely worth a go.

"Essentially, Pzizz is a collection of sleep speeches with accompanying music and sounds. Each speech relates to sleeping and contains suggestions that actually make sense, though I haven't reached the end of any that I've listened to so far!

"There are various ways of selecting the speeches and you can choose a male or female voice. I find the male voice more relaxing but that's just my personal choice. You can also alter the volume of the voiceover and the music and sounds independently of each other. The rhythm of the speech and the mood of the music are surprisingly relaxing. The advice is realistic and seems aimed at changing habits to promote better sleep in the longer term.

"This app is easy to use, doesn't require lots of data or setting up and seems to work pretty well."
Kay, who has Parkinson's

"There's also an option for a 'nap' and a 'focus' session. The 'nap' session is great for grabbing a quick 20 minutes here and there, and includes a wake up session at the end. I've found this pretty useful, especially when I know that I'm going to sleep at the wrong time whether I like it or not. I still go to sleep, but I wake up at the desired time and I'm less stressed about the whole situation.

"My current phone is as basic a smart phone as you can get and the app runs smoothly on it without any problems."

Zoe, diagnosed 2012

"I find this app fairly easy to use. It has a helpful guide explaining how each element works. I start by setting the voice and background music and then an alarm if I want to.

"I've found I fall asleep quite quickly, but I do wake up numerous times as usual throughout the night when I notice the app has finished my programme. But I've now realised I can alter the length of the programme."


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Meet the developer

Rockwell Shah, CEO Pzizz

"The development of Pzizz was driven largely by our team's own personal (horror) stories with insomnia, one of which involved a Parkinson's diagnosis that adversely affected sleeping patterns.

"We realised we were not alone, and that poor sleep was a wider public health epidemic. In many cases, it could be treated successfully without the use of prescription medications. Using our science and healthcare backgrounds we created Pzizz, where our mission is 'to bring great sleep to the world'."

Find out more on the Pzizz website.

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Regulatory approval 80%
Privacy and confidentiality 50%
Security 80%
Effectiveness  70%
Clinical safety N/A
Usability 80%
Accessibility 100%
Interoperability N/A
Development plan 60%
Technical stability 90%

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This is a user-friendly and accessible app that may help people to improve their sleeping patterns and therefore increase their quality of life.

Unusually for a digital health app, a published, peer-reviewed randomised controlled trial has been completed that indicates effectiveness. 

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  • Application: Pzizz - Deep Sleep & Power Nap
  • Publisher: Pzizz Technology Limited
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Assessment date: 04/09/2017