Newly diagnosed support events

We run information and support events that are specifically designed for people who are newly diagnosed with Parkinson's. 

Our face to face First Steps programmes have been cancelled as a precaution until further notice.  See more about Parkinson’s and coronavirus on our dedicated page

 An online programme has been developed and is now available, but at this time we are currently not accepting new registrations. We had to stop our face to face programmes and fast track our online programme, so we are now working our way through a waiting list. We anticipate that we will be able to accept new registrations towards the end of the year.

First Steps

First Steps is a 2–day programme designed for people recently diagnosed with Parkinson's and their families.

Online programme overview:

Sessions 1 and 2

  • Processing your diagnosis. 
  • Facts about Parkinson’s.
  • Accessing the right specialists/ health professionals.
  • The support that Parkinson’s UK can offer you.
  • The importance of exercise and physical activity in managing Parkinson’s. 

Sessions 3 and 4 - follow up  6-8 weeks later

  • A review of how participants have been getting on since the first two sessions, the activities they have taken up and a discussion on any successes or challenges. 
  • A separate group discussion for those living with Parkinson’s and a separate group discussion for partners, family members and friends. 
  • The rights and practicalities around living with Parkinson’s, for example employment, driving and prescriptions. 
  • Living positively with Parkinson’s and the support options available to you and your partner, family member or friend. 

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].