Exercise with more complex symptoms

If your symptoms are more complex, focus on everyday movements and activities you have difficulty with. This could be practising getting up from a chair.

Supported workouts can help you stay safe and feel confident. Try chair-based exercise or exercise standing up while holding on to something sturdy.

Talk to a physiotherapist who knows about Parkinson’s for more advice and to plan the right exercise for you, especially if you're just getting started.

Many of our local groups across the UK offer exercise classes specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s, at all stages of the condition.


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Exercise with more complex symptoms

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Watch our animation to find out more about exercising with more complex symptoms.

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Physio tips

Physiotherapist Bhanu Ramaswamy suggests how you can plan a routine that suits you and shares some simple exercises to get you moving.

My husband and Parkinson's: Francesca's story

"Shortly before John's 80th birthday, I decided to check with England Golf whether people with disabilities could be helped to adapt their technique enough to still play the game. I wish I’d made that call sooner."

Francesca’s husband, John, was an avid golfer who adapted his golf as a result of Parkinson’s. After a nasty injury on the course, it was through John’s recovery that they both saw golf is about someone’s ability, not their disability.

Our exercise guidance is supported by the We Are Undefeatable campaign. The campaign aims to support people living with health conditions to build physical activity into their lives and to celebrate every victory - big or small.

Want help with starting to move more? The campaign is full of ideas and resources to help you start your journey to being active.