Cove allows you to capture your mood or express how you feel by making music and storing it in a personal journal. 

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  • 75% found the app easy to use.

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Cove is available for iPhone and iPad.

You might find the looping, repetitive nature of the music you make quite soothing, so why not build it into your routine and use it before you sleep or nap? It might just help you drift off.
Parkinson's UK tip

Kaya, diagnosed 2008

"It seems as if a great deal of thought has gone into Cove. The developers have created an app that balances ease of use with functionality.

"With Cove you create music by selecting your mood, the background sound and then the bass, melody and percussive sounds to build layers of notes on the screen.

"Once you're happy with your music you can name it, add a description and an image, select how you're feeling after creating the music and then save. Job done – it's that easy."

Jo, diagnosed 2014

"I enjoyed using Cove. Other than listening to music I'm not creative and don't play an instrument. Using this app was like being a child again and trying out different effects – playing in its true sense. It is absorbing and helps me to put my anxieties aside.

"I would happily continue using Cove, especially in situations where distraction techniques would be helpful ie when travelling. I would definitely recommend it."

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Meet the developer

Humane Engineering

"We made Cove because we want everyone to be able to express how they feel. We really love all the various ways people are using Cove."

Find out more about Cove on the Humane Engineering website.

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Regulatory approval 90%
Privacy and confidentiality 90%
Security 90%
Effectiveness  60%
Clinical safety 90%
Usability 80%
Accessibility 80%
Interoperability 100%
Development plan 90%
Technical stability 80%

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A very intuitive and engaging app which works well, has a very good privacy policy, states clearly what the purpose of the app is and isn't and has good signposting to website for further help. A very good resource for self expression therapy and anxiety distraction.

  • Application: Cove
  • Publisher: Humane Engineering Ltd
  • Version: 2.0
  • Platform: iOS
  • Handset/Hardware: iPhone 5 or later
  • Assessment date: 04/09/2017