Apps and devices for Parkinson's

Apps and devices can help with the day to day management of Parkinson's.

Apps and devices for Parkinson's

How is technology helping people with Parkinson's manage their condition?

From walking and exercising, to sleeping and communicating, hear how people are using apps and devices to take control of life with Parkinson's.

Apps and devices library

We've worked with Our Mobile Health and a panel of people living with Parkinson's to create a list of the best and most useful apps and devices on the market. Our Mobile Health are experts in identifying and reviewing trustworthy, relevant and engaging mobile health apps.

Everything in the library has been reviewed by people with the condition. This means we only include apps and devices that our panel:

  • found genuinely useful
  • would recommend to other people with Parkinson's
  • would continue to use after testing

If people with Parkinson's don't like an app, we don't include it.

We're continually reviewing and adding new apps and devices to the library. 

Find out more about our apps and devices library

All queries received regarding support for devices/apps/living aids should be sent via one of the following routes:

  • Developers of devices, apps and living aids who want support on concept, design and development, testing and validation, product review and dissemination of information, or companies who want their product to be reviewed for our 'safe to suggest' list or 'Excellence Network Resources' list should contact Parkinson's UK via our dedicated inbox [email protected]. This inbox is managed by our digital strategist.
  • For any device, app or living aid which is on (or should be on) the pathway to registration as a medical device it is likely that the request for support will be allocated to the Parkinson's UK Research Support team. More information can be found in the Research Support Policy.
  • Queries regarding sale of a consumer ready product in our online shop, or demonstration of a product at a Parkinson's UK local group, should be directed to our product manager.

Each request for support is reviewed by the Parkinson's UK devices, apps and living aids team. For requests regarding Parkinson's UK support for use of a marketed product we may recommend referral to our external quality assessment partner. This is to ensure it meets our required standards before offering in-house support for evaluation by people living with Parkinson's.

A single point of contact within the charity will be provided to the developer or company marketing a product so that there is continuity in communication.

How we provide support is at the discretion of Parkinson's UK. We will have a written record, agreed by both parties, outlining the support to be provided (the format of this will be proportional to the level of support agreed).

We request that all initial contacts regarding development, testing, demonstrating and sales of devices, apps and living aids are made via our dedicated inbox, [email protected]. Our local groups should not be contacted directly by companies or product developers at this stage.

Local groups should refer any such direct contacts to the dedicated inbox or to an individual member of the Parkinson's UK team. If the request for support is not taken further by the team the option remains for individual members of local groups to decide whether to be involved ie in usability testing.

It is the responsibility of the organisation undertaking any activity with local group members to ensure that they comply with the required ethical and governance standards. It is a requirement of Parkinson's UK that there is no direct marketing of products through local groups without consulting our product manager.

Any request for Parkinson's UK staff to play a formal role in supporting a project should be discussed with the relevant departmental director at an early stage in the planning process.

If you'd like to become part of our technology testing panel you can find out more and apply online.

If you're the developer of an app, device or daily living aid and would like to submit a request for support, please fill in the relevant questionnaire below and return to [email protected].

For all other queries please email us at [email protected].

The developers and host institution or company are responsible for ensuring adherence to all relevant governance requirements, including regulatory requirements where applicable. For more information see our full policy.

    Parkinson's UK can offer in-house guidance and input from people affected by Parkinson's throughout the cycle of development of devices, apps and living aids.

    This includes research support and a process for assessment and evaluation of products for inclusion on our 'safe to suggest' list, or a resource list for health and social care professionals. We also have an approval process for the sale of products through our online shop.

    We do not offer help with market research on products already available in the market. We do not assist with promotion for sale of products (unless they have gone through our approval process for sale through our own online shop).


    ORCHA (the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications) is one of the world’s leading, independent digital health evaluation and distribution organisations. Their mission is to deliver safe and trusted digital health to those who need it most.

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    We have products to help with a range of Parkinson's symptoms and all are selected for quality and reliability. 

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