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Get it on time

Get It On Time logoWe want to make sure that everyone in a care home or hospital gets their medication on time - every time.

If people with Parkinson's don't get their medication on time, their ability to manage their symptoms may be lost.

For example they may suddenly not be able to move, get out of bed or walk down a corridor.

Why it's important to get medication on time

People with Parkinson's and their carers talk about why it is important to get medication on time, and their experiences in hospitals.

Duration: 8 minutes


Resources available

Get It On Time washbagStaff in hospitals and care homes may never have cared for anyone who has Parkinson’s, and might not know how important it is for medication to be on time.

So we've produced free Get it on time resources to help people explain their medication needs to staff. This includes a Get it on time washbag, medication record and other resources.

Free Get it on time resources

Help for hospitals, care homes and hospices

If you are a hospital pharmacist, doctor, nurse or professional carer, we can help you look at the way you manage your patients with Parkinson's.

Best practice information, checklists and other resources are available to ensure people with Parkinson's get their medication on time.

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