Research is hope

Parkinson's research works best when people affected by the condition are driving it forwards.

That's why we empower people to get actively involved in all aspects of research through our growing Research Support Network.

Influencing our research

We bring people living with the condition and researchers together to shape, develop and plan research studies.

This ensures the studies are focused on the things that matter most, are practical and attractive for people to take part in.

In 2016 alone, members of our Research Support Network worked with 50 different research teams across the UK.

It’s the chance to ‘do’ something with my Parkinson’s, rather than just having it.
Survey respondent, 2016

Making research happen

Better treatments and therapies can only be developed if people take part in research studies and trials.

We know that many people affected by Parkinson’s are keen to take part in research but often don’t know where to look for these opportunities.

That’s why we highlight studies and trials on our website, and send them out to the Research Support Network.

In 2016, we helped 58 different Parkinson’s studies find the participants they needed.

These included everything from clinical trials testing new treatments to studies exploring the complex genetics of the condition.

A Parkinson's UK researcher

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