Fundraising in Scotland

The work of Parkinson's UK in Scotland and across the UK is funded through the generosity of donors. 

Individuals, Corporates, Community organisations and Trusts all contribute to make it possible for us to fund our world-leading research and provide vital local services.

We have a team of fundraisers in Scotland who provide professional fundraising support to our donors to help them with their fundraising requests. We also organise activities such as our walks series and challenge events as well as social events throughout the year which provide fun and well organised opportunities for supporters to join us and raise funds.

We work with Trusts and grant-giving bodies across the UK to help fund vital local work in Scotland and provide focused support for corporate partnerships.

We have a fundraising pack and a range of tools such as Par for Parkinson's, In Celebration and Halloween for those individuals and clubs or organisations that wish to organise their own fundraising activity.

We also encourage people to get involved through volunteering. Volunteering offers many experiences with us from community fundraising to supporting at events, becoming a volunteer speaker, providing admin support or using personal skills such as photography to help raise awareness of the charity and make a difference.

Thousands of people are already helping us fundraise. We'd love you to join us. Find out more by contacting our regional fundraisers or reach us at [email protected]

Events in Scotland

Find all of our events across Scotland! From walks, runs, and bungee jumps, to research receptions - there's an event for everyone.

Fundraising across the UK

Explore our wide range of fundraising activities throughout the UK.