PD Frontline - Identifying genes in people with Parkinson's

The aim of the research is to identify a large number of people who may have small genetic alterations in genes such as LRRK2 or GBA, which are known to be associated with Parkinson's.

These people may be invited to take part in future clinical trials of drugs that target these specific genes. 


4000 people diagnosed with Parkinson's who live in the UK.

Anyone who has already taken part in RAPSODI does not need to register for PD Frontline as they are linked research trials. The team is currently working on referring those already registered on RAPSODI to PD Frontline, and they will be in touch with you when this is ready.


You will need to register on the PD Frontline website where you will be asked to complete an online consent form and a short 10-minute survey. Upon completion, you will be sent a saliva sample collection kit which will be posted to you with return pre-paid packaging.

For full information about the research:

Please go to the PD Frontline website and click about the study. 

Interested in taking part?  Go to the website and click register for PD frontline. 

If you have problems accessing the website or questions please contact the research team via email ([email protected]) or phone (0208 016 8413)

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