Local Parkinson's research groups

Our Research Interest Groups (RIGs) are made up of people affected by Parkinson's and researchers. They support us by increasing awareness and understanding of research at a regional level. 

Our research interest groups

Research Interest Group members are Research Support Network volunteers. They're often led by a steering group, who work with local groups and staff to coordinate, initiate and participate in research activities of the following types:

  • meetings and presentations on research given by researchers

  • visits to laboratories undertaking Parkinson's research

  • participation in clinical trials and studies

  • keeping up to date with research progress and new developments

  • identifying people to speak at local support groups about Parkinson’s research

  • promoting the Brain Bank

  • working with researchers to shape their research through Patient and Public Involvement opportunities

  • raising funds for Parkinson's UK research programmes

Our Groups 

If you're interested in joining an existing group, or starting a new local Research Interest Group, please get in touch with Liz Nash, our Research Support Network Manager, at [email protected].

Get involved in research

Join our Research Support Network to get alerted to research news, events and opportunities near you.

For more information contact us at [email protected].