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Audit 2015: What did we find?

Speech and language therapist Julia with patient Mohamed - at the Parkinson's multidisciplinary clinic at King's College Hospital, London

The 2015 UK Parkinson's Audit gave the biggest ever picture of the state of Parkinson's services, showcasing good practice but highlighting many areas for improvement.

It was the first to include a Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM), giving people with Parkinson's a stronger voice in rating the services they receive.

Priorities for change

These are the areas the Excellence Network will be tackling - with your help - to raise the standard of care for everyone with Parkinson's.

Access to a full multidisciplinary team

Only 13% of those who took part in the audit offer a fully integrated service.

Timely provision of patient information

Only 65% of respondents felt they received enough information on diagnosis.

Addressing issues with inpatient management

Less than 50% of those admitted to hospital always got their Parkinson's medication at the right time.

Consistent use of standardised assessments

Around 40% of people were not assessed for blood pressure, pain and bone health in neurology services.

Anticipatory care planning

Only 28% of those with markers of advanced Parkinson's had any recorded discussion of end of life care issues.

Key findings and reports

The significant findings

Read the summary report

Other reports

Reference report (PDF, 3.1MB) - for background, methods and datasets

Executive summary (PDF, 119KB)

Patient and carer report (PDF, 3MB)

The Parkinson's UK Your life, your services survey ran alongside the audit's patient survey. This captured views from people with Parkinson's whose services did not take part in the audit:

Parkinson's 2015 - Your life, your services survey results (PDF, 186KB)

How you can transform care

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About the UK Parkinson's Audit

What is the UK Parkinson's Audit?

The UK Parkinson's Audit is a clinical audit to help you measure your services for people with Parkinson's against national guidelines (NICE guideline in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and SIGN guideline in Scotland).

It's central to the core objective of the UK Parkinson's Excellence Network in driving up service excellence across the UK.

The audit was developed in 2009 to address the concerns of professionals, patients and their families and carers about the quality of care given to people with Parkinson's across the UK.

It uses evidence-based clinical guidelines to measure the quality of care available to people with Parkinson's from:

  • doctors
  • Parkinson's nurses
  • occupational therapists
  • physiotherapists
  • speech and language therapists

The 2015 UK Parkinson's Audit was accredited by the Department of Health Quality Accounts Programme.

How many services and patients took part?

432 services took part from across the UK:

  • 129 elderly care
  • 110 neurology
  • 47 occupational therapy
  • 83 physiotherapy
  • 63 speech and language therapy

This represented the care given to 8,846 people with Parkinson's. 

In addition, 5,834 people with Parkinson's and their carers responded to the Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM) questionnaire, giving valuable insights into their experiences as service users.

When was the collection period?

The data (both from Parkinson's services and service users) was collected from 30 April to 30 September 2015.

Each participating Parkinson's service received an Individual Service Report in March 2016. This benchmarked their own data against the UK-wide results for that profession.

The full UK-wide results were released in August 2016.

How do I take part in the next audit?

Registration for the UK Parkinson's 2017 Audit is now open. Visit our registration page for more information.

Who can I contact for more information?

Kim Davis, Clinical Audit Manager:

[email protected]

020 7963 3916