Excellence Network data dashboards

These data dashboards have been developed by the Parkinson's UK Excellence Network in partnership with Wilmington Healthcare.

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The tool is aimed at service planners, commissioners of services and health professionals involved in delivering Parkinson's care. It provides a snapshot of data about hospital episode data trends and incidents and prescribing information for CCGs in England and Health Boards across Scotland and Wales all in one place. This level of detail and data is currently not available for Northern Ireland.

  • Please select your country.
  • Please select your CCG or Health Board.
  • You can the compare the selected CCG or health board to 3 other CCGs or Health Boards using the search boxes.
  • If you leave the search box blank, an Automatic Comparator will be selected based on the CCGs with the most similar populations according to the NHS England Commissioning for Value packs.
  • For Scotland and Wales you can manually select the Health Boards you wish to compare.
  • For more information, please see our data dashboard FAQs.

The data contained in the tool is designed to give you a snapshot of information about your CCG or Health Board and to enable you to engage in more detailed discussion locally.

Download data dashboard

The tool will only work on a PC desktop computers or laptops – it does not currently work on smartphones, tablets or Apple devices.

To make use of all the functions it is recommended that you use Microsoft Excel 2010 or above. You will also need to ensure that you have enabled your macros - if you have any difficulty or need support on how to ensure they are enabled, please visit the Microsoft help pages using one of the following links Excel 2010Excel 2013Excel 2016.

Updated data now available for England, Scotland and Wales for 2017 - 2018.

Excellence Network Data Dashboard 2017-18 (Excel, 3303KB)