Caring for your resident with Parkinson's booklet

This booklet is for care home staff, and has all the information you need about Parkinson's – and how to best care for someone with the condition.

Last reviewed
  • Anticipatory / advanced care
  • Care strategies
  • Infection and falls prevention, and bone health
  • Inpatient care and medicines management
  • Mental health
  • Service improvement
  • Side effects
  • Social care
  • Symptoms
  • Treatments and medication
Resource type
  • Publications
  • Care manager
  • Care worker
  • Diagnosis
  • End of life
  • Maintenance

The booklet explains the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of Parkinson's, and what you can do, as part of a care plan, to improve the wellbeing of residents who have the condition. 

Download Caring for your resident with Parkinson's (PDF, 803KB)