Professor Annette Hand has stepped down as Parkinson’s Excellence Network Clinical Lead for Nursing

Professor Annette Hand stepped down from her role as Clinical Lead for Nursing at the end of September.

For over 5 years, Annette has been a member of the Parkinson's Excellence Network Clinical Leadership Team as the Clinical Lead for Nursing. Throughout this time, she has done so much for the Excellence Network and Parkinson's services across the UK. She has been a key member of our Pump Priming Panel, an Excellence Network Awards judge and Chair of the 'Parkinson's nurses: your future' national programme steering group.

Commenting on this news, Rowan Wathes, Associate Director of Policy and Health Strategy, said: 

"On behalf of the Excellence Network and everyone at Parkinson’s UK, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Annette for her wise guidance and calm presence on the Clinical Leadership Team. She is a wonderful ambassador for Parkinson's nurses and a real inspiration for me personally.

"We will all really miss her but we’re delighted that she is keen to continue to be a member of the Parkinson's nurses national programme steering group - so we'll continue to benefit from her vast experience and expertise!"

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