NHS England to fund Parkinson's drug Duodopa

NHS England has announced that it will fund Parkinson's drug Duodopa, which is excellent news for you and your patients with advanced Parkinson's who would greatly benefit from using the drug.

The decision follows months of campaigning led by Parkinson's UK to exert pressure on the NHS.

The success of this campaign relied heavily on the full support of the health and social care professional community.

Treatment for people with Parkinson's in England

Professor Ray Chaudhuri, UK Parkinson's Excellence Network lead for south London, said:

"I am delighted that finally people with Parkinson's in England can have a choice and receive a treatment option that is otherwise available in most high quality services around the world.

"This decision will remove the frustration of seeing a person with Parkinson's in front of you, knowing there is a perfectly reasonable and rational treatment available for them but then being told, sorry this cannot be provided for economic reasons."