Podcast: learn about Parkinson's (Excellence Network)

Learn about Parkinson's is a free podcast that shares lived experiences from a person with Parkinson's, a carer and a Parkinson's nurse. This learning resource is for all health and social care professionals.

14-75 minutes
Event / learning type
Continuing professional development

The full 75 minute podcast covers lots of aspects of the condition, from living with Parkinson's to caring for someone that does.

You can also listen to 3 shorter clips of the podcast. Shorter clips include interviews with:

  • David, a person with Parkinson's (27 minutes long)
  • Elaine, a carer (21 minutes long)
  • Fiona, a Parkinson's nurse (14 minutes long)

Who is the Learn About Parkinson's podcast for?

This podcast is for any staff working in hospital or community care who want to learn about Parkinson's.

What will I learn?

The podcast was made in collaboration with Queens University Belfast as a learning resource for student nurses and other professionals.

It hopes to raise awareness and increase understanding of Parkinson's. It does this through stories told by experts living with and experiencing life with Parkinson's, and interviews with student nurses.

After listening to the podcast you will:

  • have better knowledge and understanding of Parkinson's
  • better understand the needs of people living with Parkinson's and their families
  • recognise the importance of time-sensitive drug management
  • understand the role of the Parkinson's nurse and what's available to improve practice, therefore improving care for people with Parkinson's.