Parkinson's Train the Trainer for Home Instead (online) (Excellence Network)

This course is for experienced Home Instead trainers. It will give you the expertise to deliver a 3 hour course about  Parkinson's to your colleagues. This course can be delivered in more than 1 session.

14 hours
Event / learning type
Continuing professional development

About the course

To become a UK Parkinson's Excellence Network trainer you need to complete 2 courses and attend a webinar.

The first course provides the background knowledge and understanding of Parkinson's.

Once you've completed and passed this, you can access the second course which teaches you how to deliver the Parkinson's Explained presentation to your colleagues fully endorsed by PDNSA (Parkinson's Disease Nurse Specialist Association).

You'll also receive a full training pack, so that you can start to deliver the training immediately.

What will you learn?

Once you've finished the course, you'll be able to:

  • understand the impact of Parkinson's, including motor and non motor symptoms, communication and cognition issues, and management of Parkinson's
  • evaluate your own practice and care of people with Parkinson's
  • deliver the Parkinson's Explained training session to your staff
  • recognise the role of the UK Parkinson's Excellence Network and how you can work with us.

Who is the course for?

This course is best suited to experienced trainers. 

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