Parkinson’s: mental health

This course provides you with information and education about Parkinson’s which is applicable to your professional area within mental health, and which will enhance your clinical practice in supporting a person with Parkinson’s and their support network.

3 hours
Event / learning type
Continuing professional development

How does it work?

You will be able to read online about mental health and Parkinson’s, supported by multimedia and interactive resources. These are broken down into eight modules with activities to complete throughout. At the end of the course you will take an assessment to demonstrate your learning.

A certificate and digital badge are available to download once you have passed the assessment which gives 3 CPD points.

The learning is self-directed.  You can log in at any time to work through the modules at a pace that suits you.

What will participants learn?

The learning modules focus on the following areas:

  1. Introduction to Parkinson’s
  2. Medications and therapies for Parkinson’s
  3. Common mental health problems in people with Parkinson’s
  4. Anxiety and depression in people with Parkinson’s
  5. Dementia in people with Parkinson’s
  6. Psychosis in people with Parkinson’s
  7. Impulsive and compulsive behaviours in people with Parkinson’s
  8. Review and signposting


This will enable participants to:

  • Explain what Parkinson's is and how a diagnosis is made.
  • Describe the common symptoms of Parkinson's, including specific mental health issues, and identify how to utilise this knowledge effectively in your clinical practice.
  • Recognise the medicines used to treat Parkinson's and the impact of their common side effects on patients and their mental health.
  • Discuss how this condition affects the mental health of a person living with Parkinson's and their family and support network.
  • Recall how to manage common mental health issues in someone with Parkinson's.
  • List the teams involved in caring for someone with Parkinson's, and know when and where to refer or signpost a person with the condition for further support.
  • Be inspired to learn more about Parkinson's and mental health

Who is the course for?

All health and social care professionals working within mental health services.