Care and support in advanced Parkinson's: a guide for general practice (Excellence Network)

This course provides learning for GPs on care in Advanced Stage Parkinson's. It has a range of tools, resources and links to support your practice.

30-45 mins
Event / learning type
Continuing professional development

This course is currently unavailable - please check back at a later date.



Who is the course for?

All GPs, students, GP practice nurses/teams. This may also include any pharmacist and district nurse as part of a practice team. The course gives practical advice, signposting and service users' experiences in bitesize pieces.

How does it work?

  • You will be able to read, watch and listen to multimedia resources on advanced stage Parkinson's, including patients' experiences clips.
  • You can log in at any time on this self-directed learning to work through the unit and get signposting information as necessary.
  • This course isn't assessed but a certificate is available to download to self-certify participation once you complete the evaluation.
  • The course can be covered in 30-45 minutes, depending on whether you access all links to service users' experiences and further resources for reading and signposting.

What will participants learn?

The learning units focus on the following areas:

  • What is Parkinson's?
  • Impact and challenges of Parkinson's
  • Challenges and day to day management
  • Parkinson's Pathway
  • Carers' needs and issues to consider
  • Palliative care and prognostic indicators
  • Advanced care planning
  • Support and management for the Primary Care Team
  • Signposting and access to all available resources

These will enable participants to:

  • Recognise advanced stage Parkinson's
  • Improve practice in caring for someone with Parkinson's
  • Improve practice in management of advanced Parkinson's
  • Identify and reflect on existing knowledge
  • Have information and links to support patients' and carers' needs

This course is currently unavailable - please check back at a later date.


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