Waiting times for PIP appeals increase again

New data released this month shows that some people with Parkinson’s are having to wait more than a year to get the correct PIP decisions

The amount of time that people are having to wait to get the correct PIP decision is continuing to increase. Every few months the government releases figures that show the problem is getting worse, not better.

From first making a claim, to getting the correct decision through an appeal, is now taking a full year on average. But some people have to wait even longer to get the decision they deserve.

John Hinson, a person living with Parkinson’s said:

"I had to wait 18 months to get to the appeal stage in the first place. And the judge said ‘well that’s it Mr Hinson. You’ve won, well done’.

"Why did I have to wait 18 months for that? The system is set up to challenge people and assume they are guilty of fraud from the outset. I can imagine a lot of people giving up."

Parkinson’s UK in the media

Michael Griffin of Parkinson’s UK was recently quoted in an article by Dan Bloom, a journalist from the Mirror, who has written about the amount of time people have to wait to get these decisions.

In the article, Michael Griffin said:

"It is no surprise that the Government's failure to act on the flaws with PIP has resulted in waiting times more than doubling over the last year.

"75% of PIP decisions are reversed when the cases are seen by a tribunal.

"But people have to wait twelve months on average from the start of this process to get the right decision.

"In most cases they will not receive any money while they wait. Without the vital financial support that PIP should provide, people are being forced to choose between paying for food or medication. This is simply unacceptable.

"The Government cannot ignore these delays any longer. Introducing a target time of three months for a case to be heard by a tribunal would reduce at least some of the stress and uncertainty that PIP is causing for disabled people."


If you have had to wait a long time to have your PIP appeal heard by a tribunal and are happy for us to tell people about your case then please get in contact to tell us about your experience, email [email protected]


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