Taking the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on people with Parkinson's to parliament

On 3 November, we gave evidence on the impact of the pandemic on people with Parkinson’s. We advised what the government could do to ensure your needs are met.

The the All-Party Parliamentary Group on coronavirus (APPG) is chaired by Layla Moran MP. It has received over 2,000 written submissions from people with lived experience of coronavirus, their families, scientists, health professionals, charities, researchers, Royal Colleges and professional bodies.

We used the results of the survey we conducted with Lancaster University as evidence for the inquiry. The survey shows the impact of the pandemic for people with Parkinson's and other conditions. Insights from our community shared through social media, our forum and our helpline and advisers also contributed to our evidence. 

The Group invited us to attend the session alongside Tracy Loftis from Versus Arthritis, Paul Edwards from Dementia UK and Adrian Ivinson from the UK Dementia Research Institute. 

The wide-ranging session covered:

  • The main issues and problems people with Parkinson’s, arthritis, dementia and their carers and families have faced during the pandemic.
  • If the pandemic has affected diagnosis and support services for people with these conditions.
  • If the government guidance on shielding was clear.
  • What the English Government could learn from other governments across the UK.
  • Whether the NHS and care homes are prepared to deal with the backlog of cases and the second wave.
  • If the problems our community faced could have been avoided.
  • Whether government support has been sufficient and what these communities will require in the future.

Laura Cockram, Head of Policy and Campaigns at Parkinson’s UK, said:

“I’m so pleased that the voices and experiences of people with Parkinson’s, their carers and families have been shared with the APPG on coronavirus. 

“Our community has been through a tough time. It is important for us to make sure the Government knows what they can do to improve the lives of people with Parkinson’s.

I encouraged the committee to focus their recommendations on restarting neurology services safely, ensuring there is investment in physio, speech and language and occupational therapy and mental health services. 

“I also shared the increasing strain that carers are under, the need for Government action to ensure that NHS and care staff don’t burn out and the need for Government investment in medical research, so we can find better treatments and a cure faster.

“I’m interested to see the APPG’s recommendations, especially as there is a commitment from the Prime Minister to take them on board.”

For the latest coronavirus guidance

You can find more information on the latest coronavirus guidance on our Understanding coronavirus and Parkinson's page.