Sport Parkinson’s raise over £73,000 for Parkinson’s UK Physical Activity Grants Programme

Sport Parkinson’s has raised over £73,000 to help people with Parkinson’s get and stay active. 

Being active is important for everyone. It can make you feel good inside and out. And if you have Parkinson’s, it can help manage your symptoms. 

That’s why Charlie Appleyard and Garen Williams, who both have Parkinson’s, founded Sport Parkinson’s in 2020. Since then, Sport Parkinson’s has worked with Parkinson’s UK to open up physical activity and sport opportunities for others living with the condition.

Now, Sport Parkinson's has raised an incredible £73,750 for Parkinson’s UK’s Physical Activity Grants Programme. The grants programme helps fund activities across the UK, including table tennis, dance lessons and football sessions. Visit our Physical Activity grants page to find out more about them.

Clyde Banks, who has Parkinson’s, goes to Parkinson’s UK ping pong classes in Peterborough which have been funded by the grants programme. He’s found the classes have helped with his balance, coordination and stamina, as well as lifting his mood: 

"A session of table tennis seems to improve my mobility, increase the range of movement in my arms and shoulders, and reduce the stiffness in the waist, allowing more twisting and bending. This is through the time spent retrieving the ball from under tables and chairs. 

"The actual playing improves my reflexes and rekindles my competitive spirit. Meeting with other members lifts the mood through conversation and laughter."

Charlie Appleyard, co-founder of Sport Parkinson’s, hopes others will benefit from being active like he has:

"Physical activity has been a massive help to me in my Parkinson’s journey. Sport and exercise classes are a great way of getting all the incredible social benefits, as well as physical and mental, that activity can bring. 

"By supporting Parkinson’s UK, and the grants programme, Sport Parkinson’s is helping others to follow our mantra of keeping healthy and strong till a cure comes along."

Ghalib Ullah, Head of Commercial Partnerships at Parkinson’s UK, said:

"Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition for which there is currently no cure. It affects around 145,000 people in the UK and there are over 40 symptoms, from tremor and pain to anxiety. 

"Physical activity can help manage many of the motor and non motor symptoms which is why we’re so pleased to be working with Sport Parkinson’s to make sure our Physical Activity Grants Programme is well funded and able to keep activities like this open."

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