Parliament hears about accelerating Parkinson’s research

Today (22 June) MPs and peers from across the UK who attended the latest All-Party Parliamentary Group on Parkinson’s learnt about the:

The meeting heard from Tim King, a Parkinson’s UK volunteer and Professor David Dexter, Associate Director of Research at Parkinson’s UK. 

Questions about our research

MPs and peers were fascinated to hear about the progress of Parkinson’s research and asked numerous questions about how they could be connected with research interest groups and how they could donate their brain to Parkinson’s UK

Tim shared his thoughts on the meeting: “As a member of the development team for the Research Support Network I was delighted to meet with the APPG and welcomed  the opportunity to describe some of the many involvement and participation roles carried out by volunteers with Parkinson’s UK.”

David added: ”It was great to present to parliamentarians and I was pleased with how interested they were. It’s important we have APPG members behind us when we approach the government for support to accelerate Parkinson’s research. We’re so close to major breakthroughs, so it’s a crucial time for extra investment that will help us discover better treatments that people with Parkinson’s so desperately want.”

Next steps

Following this positive discussion we'll be developing our plans on lobbying the government for this additional support.

As our plans develop we'll share any actions supporters can take to boost government investment in Parkinson's research.

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